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Air filter design

Filter frame is made of impregnated, moisture-resistant cardboard.
The pleats of filtering material are crimped by gluing them together, thus ensuring the least possible resistance to air flow and a large dust trapping area of the filtering material.
Filtering material is glued to the frame on all four sides, thus ensuring that dust does not enter the room through filter leaks.
Filtering material is a multi-layer synthetic filtration material which meets requirements of ISO 16890 and EN 779:2012 standards.

Important information about replacing air filters:

Replace heat recovery ventilation device filters whenever unit indicates air filter clogging or at least 2 times a year: before and after the heating season. It is recommended to replace filters at least 2 times a year, before and after the heating season, or more often depending on the level of pollution of environment you live in and the intensity of use of the ventilation unit.
Air filter is a disposable product. Do not reuse it after vacuuming or other type of cleaning because You risk to damage the filtering material.
It is recommended to switch off the ventilation unit before changing the filters to prevent dust and other unwanted objects from entering the unit.
When replacing filters, thoroughly clean the filter installation area.
Clogged filters unbalance your ventilation system, the unit then also consumes more electricity and emits more noise!

For information on how to replace the filters of the Aerauliqa recuperator, please refer to the installation and service manual of the ventilation unit.

Aerauliqa is an Italian manufacturer of heat recovery ventilators for homes and business premises. Aerauliqa’s residential ventilation units are reliable and the preferred choice of Lithuanian builders of economy class housing projects. The range includes horizontal (under ceiling) and vertical (wall-mounted) models.

We stock filters for the most popular QR series devices and will deliver them within 3-5 days of your order. Please contact us if you can’t find your recuperator model in the e-shop range. We will produce the filters for him within 2-3 weeks.

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